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We offer brokerage and consulting services for all crypto investments, consulting services for blockchain and cryptocurrencies and many others services!

Visit us in Rijeka at our office at Ul. Janeza Trdine 2 (2nd floor)!

In addition to kuna payments we also accept cryptocurrencies!


Blockchain technology

rapidly changes the way applications are made today. The key benefits of this new technology change the way we look at technology, especially storage and processing of data over the Internet. Cryptocurrencies are the fuel of blockchain technology – the incentive that drives the nodes and masternodes that make blockchain.

Our mission

is to provide citizens of Croatia with a simple and secure entry into the world of cryptocurrencies  and blockchain technology. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience to earn on this global and rapidly growing market!

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Our services
Portfolio management
Safe storage of cryptocurrency
News from the world of cryptocurrency
Crypto payments accepted!

We have found a way how we can legally accept cryptocurrency deposits. Currently we only accept Bitcoin and Ether.  …

Are you using Binance?

We present to you Binance, which is, if you ask us, the best and safest exchange for traing criptocurrencies. Storage…