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Are you using Binance?

We present to you Binance, which is, if you ask us, the best and safest exchange for traing criptocurrencies. Storage of larger amounts of criptocurrencies on exchanges is usually NOT recommended – we recommend to keep your crypto on your own hardware wallets. However, Binance is by far the safest crypoexchange there is so there should not be any problems if you decide to keep larger amounts of Bitcoin, Ether or some other crypto on it.


Binance’s biggest (and mostly unkwnown) advantage, beside safety, is their BNB (Binance coin) which you can buy and use to pay lower fees for trade transactions. We definitely recommend always having a decent amount of BNB coins if you use (or plan to use) Binance regularly. That will cut your trading fee expenses in half. Binance also has a referral program (our referral link is down below) – if you have any friends that own or wish to trade crypto and they haven’t registered to Binance yet, they can do so via your or our referral link for extra benefits on Binance.


The other major advantage of using Binance is vast choice of cryptocurrencies to trade.

In any case, if you’re looking for a safe, easy-to use cryptoexchange with plethora of coins and tokens to trade, Bitlucky definitely recommends Binance!


Best of luck with your cryptotrading,

Management board of BitLucky


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