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BitLucky on the Blockshow Europe 2018 conference

We spent three days in Berlin at the the Blockshow Europe 2018 conference (27.05. – 29.05.) and it was superb!


Along with 15 other crypto enthusiasts from Croatia we showed global community that our Croatian crypto community is alive, well and thriving. We also had a chance to meet some really huge names in crypto and blockchain. The biggest name of this conference was Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia. It was a pleasure listening to one of the greatest influencers on the Internet! All members of Croatian cryptocommunity that were on this conference agreed that was a superb experience – we really learned a lot, many tons of new people all around the world and got a load of useful advice on how to improve crypto community in Croatia.


There is no doubt that this is but a start of blockchain and crypto journey. We are still far from mass adoption so there are great things ahead. Expect BitLucky on all similar conferences in Croatia and Europe where we will learn new ways to present blockchain and crypto to people.

Crypto train is on the way and there are plenty of wagons. Are you getting aboard?