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Welcome to BitLucky!
Some of our services:
Cryptocurrency portfolio management

Cryptocurrency market can be very lucrative, but it’s also very volatile and requires a high degree of technical knowledge. Trust your cryptocurrency to real experts – minimize the risk and maximize the profit!


Safe storage of cryptocurrencies

Trust us with the cryptocurrencies you plan to hold on for a longer period of time and we will guarantee you safety from frauds and hacking of your accounts! We storage all cryptocurrencies on separate Ledger Nano S device.

Education, workshops and seminars

Use our seminars and workshops to learn what is blockchain technology, where can it be used and in what does it change all industries! You can also learn about cryptocurrencies – what are they, how to buy them, how to use them etc.

Consulting and market analysis

Do you have some experience in trading cryptocurrencies, but are not completely satisfied with results? We provide youwith our knowledge and experience in technical analysis so you can make maximum out of your trades!

Entry to cryptocurrency market

We can offer you expert advice on how to safely buy and trade perspective cryptocurrencies or we do it all for you ourselves

Cryptocurrency trading

Several years of experience in successful trading of cryptocurrenceis and continuous investment in acquiring new knowledge is your best guarantee for the most accurate estimation of market trends and maximum profit on your investment

Market analysis

Aside from technical market analysis we also follow all relevant sources of information and try to attend all important conferences and seminars on European level. Thanks to all that we always have access to right information at the right time.

Find out more about our offer:
Portfolio management
Commission: 20% of profit
Minimal investment: 5.000,00 kn
Minimal duration of the contract: 1 year
Possibility of early pay-out
Crypto storage
Storage of crypto on Nano Ledger S
Protection from frauds and hacking
Commission: 2% of stored assets
Complete guarantee of the investment
Workshop for beginners
Learning the basics:
What are cryptocurrencies? What is Bitcoin? 
What is blockchain and where is it used?
Price: 4 hours – 1.600,00 kn
Cryptocurrency market analysis
Advice regarding investment and trading
Assessment of technology and its use
Price: 1h =  500,00 kn

6h = 2.600,00 kn

ICO special
ICO detailed analysis:
How to spot a good ICO?
Assessment of ICO technology
Advice you won’t find online
Price: upon request